Roadmap to British Boarding Schools, Oxbridge

and UK universities, and international employment

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Our motivations


At Insight Education, we want to make a difference.  All our tutors are Oxbridge graduates and dedicated to helping students reach their academic goals and career ambitions.  Through one-to-one tuition, we ask students the right questions to uncover real motivations and aptitude to help select schools, subjects and university courses they will truly enjoy which is key to success.

Once we have set focus, we academically stretch students towards achieving their goals using tried and tested methods.  The skills, work ethic and resilience that we develop along the way last a lifetime and will provide students with the foundations for their own success at school, university and beyond. Our work also enables our mentors to share with students the passion for the subjects they loved studying at Oxbridge.

How we can help

We set out to help families achieve the educational goals for their children at three stages:

Entering UK boarding schools

For many overseas students, English language is the biggest barrier to entry into UK universities. Insight Education advises on appropriate summer and/or language schools that combine English teaching with cultural and educational experiences. Through attending, children can acquire fluency in English that will help them access UK boarding schools and gain those academic qualifications that enable them to compete effectively for places at the UK’s top universities.

Entering British University

Our tutors stretch students to gain broader subject knowledge through wider reading, develop the ability to academically discuss topics and acquire the self-confidence to face any interview scenario. This holistic approach is invaluable for students aiming to compete for Oxbridge and has also led to students securing places at, for example, London School of Economics, King’s College and Imperial College. The work ethic and resilience that we foster also provides students with the building blocks for their own successful careers.

Entering international employment

During and after university, we work with students to encourage them to be pro-active about exploring career avenues. We equip them with workplace skills by supporting their application to secure work placements with companies abroad. Following graduation, we review CVs and cover letters and improve interview technique through job-specific mock interviews. We encourage self-reflection and analysis of skills and attributes to ensure targeted job hunting is targeted. Our overall support enables students and graduates to get a head-start in building their own futures in an increasingly competitive job market.

Our Philosophy

nullInsight Education empowers students to take charge of their own learning and development by drawing on the insight, knowledge and advice of our tutors.  From start to finish, we support students to research the answers to their own questions and develop informed opinions.  In the course of working with students, we develop self-reliance, critical thinking and help them express their personalities in both written and spoken words.

When tutoring, we use friendly informal methods to put students at ease and help them express themselves without inhibition. By carefully picking material in line with student interests, we inspire students to critically engage in their subjects.  Tutorials have been conducted at quiet coffee houses, museums, art galleries, libraries and other cultural locations that provide inspiration.  Where meetings cannot take place in person, we conduct tutorials across state and continental boundaries by Skype.