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the_omsWe run a highly successful Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme (OMS) which academically stretches students to reach their potential and maximises their chances of getting into Oxford or Cambridge universities.

Through the OMS, students gain broader subject knowledge, an understanding of how to answer Oxbridge-style questions and the self-confidence to be prepared for any interview scenario. This holistic approach is invaluable for students aiming to compete for Oxbridge places and has resulted in students securing places at other top British universities, including the London School of Economics, King’s College and Imperial College.

Insight Education’s bespoke programme for each student begins with a consultation to assess their potential and diagnose requirements; getting to know them as individuals and recommending a plan of action. We assign specialist Oxbridge tutors selected for their approachability and up-to-date knowledge of the system to share their insights on how to approach study and what to focus on, as well as what it takes to be an Oxbridge undergraduate. We help students make informed choices about Oxbridge courses and colleges to maximize their chances of success through tutorials, in-person or via Skype, which means that geography is no obstacle.

Success rates

Of the OMS students who were called for Oxbridge interviews between 2006 and 2013, 52% secured offers. This is far higher than the average Oxbridge application success rate which is approximately 20% (2012/13 Oxford and Cambridge application statistics). The OMS is also useful in helping students gain admission to university in general. Since 2006, 99% of students aboard our schemes secured places at other top (Russell Group) universities.

OMS Programmes

We have three OMS programmes to support the academic needs of our students. We begin with a consultation, followed by a written report advising students and their parents which programme to pursue. All of our OMS programmes include:

  • Academic mock interviews with written feedback
  • Recommendations for subject-related reading
  • Advice on course and college choices
  • UCAS brainstorming and critical review
  • Oxbridge-style tutorials for entrance tests
  • Practice in answering Oxbridge interview questions

OMS Bronze (1 year) Programme:

Runs from January of Year/Grade 12 to December of Year/Grade 13. It includes 12 hours of tutorials with reading on a level with undergraduate studies, and UCAS brainstorming and review.

OMS Silver (2 year) Programme:

Runs from January of Year/Grade 11 to December of Year/Grade 13. It includes 36 hours of tutorials in the first year, followed by OMS Bronze Programme.

OMS Gold (3 year) Programme:

Runs from January of Year/Grade 11 to May of Year/Grade 13. Includes silver and bronze programmes, two weeks at Oxbridge summer school and an additional 20 hours tutorials, if a conditional offer is secured.

Note: commencement of dates are flexible. We produce bespoke programmes of support, where needed, and English language tuition is available on request. Tutorials take place via Skype or in person. Live-in tutors over vacation periods are available on request.