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“Insight Education was consistent in communicating and checking in with me during the process. They helped me develop personal aspects that needed attention answering general questions and expressing myself). As an Australian student I have nothing but praise for this informative and intensive program, particularly the way in which the team were very accommodating and available at any hour despite the big difference in time zones, which I found very impressive.”

Successful Cambridge Natural Sciences (Physical) candidate (2015)

“I just want to say thank you to Insight Education for all the support and resources provided for me before I went to my interview. It made a tremendous difference to my application. I am so happy that my school found Insight Education before I had my interview. They pre-empted many things that came up at them, including questions from my Personal Statement. The crib sheet on how to structure my answers was invaluable and was probably the most helpful resource I took with me to the Cambridge interview.”

Successful Cambridge Economics candidate (2015)

“The Insight Education team were really friendly and lovely; they made me feel a lot more relaxed about the whole experience (I was a mess at first!). I found the practise interview extremely helpful as it introduced me to the types of questions I would be asked. It made me more confident for the actual interview day at Cambridge. Having feedback and a follow up session with the OMS Law specialist tutor was also really helpful as I was able to experience a wider variety of interview possibilities.”

Successful Cambridge Law candidate (2015)

“I found the OMS really useful. The REAL technique gave me a really clear basis to analyse and answer interview questions comprehensively. One-to-one sessions made me realise how much I would enjoy the tutorial system at Oxford. Insight Education helped me a great deal in widening my reading and engaging in discussion. They were very fast in arranging more tutorials when I needed Maths help following a challenging mock interview.”

Successful Oxford PPE Candidate (2015)

“During the OMS programme, I was in constant conversation with my specialist subject tutor, who gave me material to read and to use to apply their analytical techniques, which became embedded into my interview answers instinctively. As the program began in year 12, I could develop a relationship with the OMS team, whom I felt more comfortable sharing my goals with than my school. The actual interview went very well, and I was asked the very questions addressed by my specialist tutor in our mock interviews, so I felt more than prepared. I found myself ticking off the REAL technique without even thinking about it. The OMS program has transformed my capabilities, and I have learnt skills which I will carry with me for the rest of my life.”

Oxford Art History candidate (2015)

“I found the OMS useful as it gave me much needed confidence in my communicative skills before my interview. Although the interviews were gruelling, I enjoyed the experience. The OMS gave me lots of insight into what to expect, as well as resources to help me understand what the interview process demands from candidates.”

Cambridge Law candidate (2015)

“I found the OMS very useful as it gave me an idea of what I was good at and where I could improve on my Oxbridge interview technique. This meant I was able to improve the amount of interaction I had with the interviewer in terms of explaining my thought processes when answering questions. I didn’t feel as though there was something I wasn’t prepared for.”

Oxford Physics candidate (2015)

“The OMS was very useful in helping me to construct my personal statement and choose the most appropriate university and college for myself. My mentor helped me in my preparation for the Physics Aptitude Test and gave me ideas about topics to research myself before interviews. Insight Education knew where all of the good resources were.”

Successful Oxford Engineering Science candidate (2014)

“The OMS was immensely useful in preparing my personal statement and supporting my study for the History Aptitude Test HAT). The tutorials gave me a deep insight into the workings of Oxbridge interviews and general applications. The personal statement feedback was intense and extremely useful, as was the mock interview feedback in giving me the opportunity to work on my weaker areas. My tutor particularly was very approachable and available when required.”

Successful Oxford History candidate (2014)

“I feel the OMS prepared me very well for my interviews at Oxford; after the session I felt much less nervous than I had before as I had a better idea of what to expect. In the interviews themselves, I felt comfortable, which made it easier to demonstrate my knowledge of and enthusiasm for my subjects.”

Successful Oxford French and German candidate (2014)

“I found the personal statement help to be very profitable and helped greatly in a task that seemed daunting. The interview preparation exercises also aided me in making sure I was well prepared for whatever happened on the interview day. The Insight Team were very good at communicating and providing feedback on mock interviews, personal statements etc. The tutorials were very helpful in complementing my school work while preparing me for my interview.”

Successful Cambridge Chemical Engineering via Natural Sciences candidate (2014)

“The OMS was useful, in particular the feedback on the personal statement and the meetings with the subject specific tutor. All of the tips and tricks were really useful and I learnt a lot as I went through the scheme. Through the scheme, a lot of resources are made available to you, and you are able to refine the talent that you possess into a stellar application.”

Successful Oxford English candidate (2014)

“The OMS elements that were particularly useful were the sessions preparing me for handling unexpected questions in a logical way. Insight Education provided clearly set out steps that could be taken to result in the most successful interview possible. They also carefully explained what makes a personal statement stand out.”

Successful Oxford History candidate (2014)

“I found the OMS useful for preparing me for my Cambridge interviews. I think that the personal statement planning session was very helpful, and I also appreciated the way Insight Education sensitively handled my health issues when I was unable to attend some sessions. I found their programme very useful in preparation for, not only my Cambridge interview, but also for applying to other competitive universities, and I am very appreciative of all of their efforts.”

Successful Cambridge Biological Natural Sciences candidate (2104)

“Insight Education coached me on what to wear for the interview and to anticipate unexpected situations and provided a lot of training on how to approach the interview and the situation.”

Successful Cambridge History Candidate (2014)

“The OMS taught me what to expect at the interview, how to be confident in putting forward ideas and talking about what I am thinking. They provided thorough tutorial sessions to develop technique to be used for working through maths problems.”

Successful Cambridge Computer Science candidate (2014)

“I found the OMS useful, as I was able to practice possible questions with the aid of the REAL and PESC techniques, which gave me a structure on how to answer questions. The OMS has really helped me in not just preparation for Oxbridge but also for future interviews in life and my A2 studies.”

Cambridge Land Economy candidate (2014)

“The scheme helped me reflect on my weak points and identify what needed to be worked on. The rigorous feedback I got for my personal statement was really very helpful, and made it the absolute best it could be! This company is great for constructive criticism that helps people achieve their optimum, and prepares them well for the challenge that Oxbridge presents.”

Cambridge Human, Social and Political Science Candidate (2014)

“The OMS instilled good preparation and gave me more confidence. It helped me prepare for any possible questions interviewers might ask. The mock interviews helped to simulate the actual interview. I appreciate what Insight Education has done: they have provided me with the necessary preparation for what the interview entailed.”

Cambridge Land Economy candidate (2014)

“Insight Education provided me support whenever I had questions about the process, and the work with the director and tutor helped me familiarize myself with the interview process. They gave great feedback and were always available for questions, which I found really helpful. Throughout the process, the directors cared about my ability to succeed, and working with them proved to be a valuable learning experience.”

Cambridge Economics candidate (2014)

“I have really enjoyed working with Insight Education as I believe they have provided the essential background to accessing both Oxford and Cambridge universities, which every candidate should know. They have really informed me on what I could expect and I would like to thank them for that as I think my interview experience would not have gone as smoothly without them.”

Cambridge Natural Sciences Physics) (2014)

“Talking to my tutor every week was very useful. I didn’t have a lot of experience talking about economics, so this was very helpful because it is essentially what happens in the interview. The tutorials were very useful and enjoyable. The OMS provided a good preparation and helped me relax a lot more in the interviews.”

Cambridge Economics candidate (2014)

“I contacted Insight Education after a recommendation from a friend who got into Cambridge. Insight Education helped me choose the right subject; the one I really was passionate about and had the greatest chance of success. Their advice was invaluable in finding the college that best suited my interests and personality. They guided me through whole process with efficiency and great expertise. I owe a lot to Insight Education for getting into Oxford because they adapt to each student and work hard to maximise his or her potential.”

Successful Oxford candidate for Modern Languages (2013)

“OMS got me feeling as confident as could be going in for my interview. The structure of the programme works really well and fits in perfectly in the run up to the interview. I enjoyed my tutorial sessions and wished they could continue forever. Nonetheless, they were the most informative part of the programme for me. The amount of thought that goes into the preparation process, individually tailored, is unprecedented in comparison with any other programme. Here at OMS they actually cared about my progress and were continually trying to make me a better, stronger applicant.”

Successful Cambridge candidate for Chemical Engineering (2013)

“I found the OMS to be very helpful. They provided detailed feedback on my personal statement, and the subject mentors were very helpful, suggesting further reading and advice on how to put together impressive interview answers. The regular meetings helped to ensure I stayed on track through preparation and careful guidance. They also helped to build up my confidence and self-esteem, and this enabled me to overcome my nervousness and put me on better course for coping with the admissions process.”

Successful Oxford Keble candidate for Geography (2013)

“OMS has made the application process to Oxbridge an absolute pleasure. From detailed feedback on personal statements to intensive tutorials in prospective subject areas, I walked into my interview feeling confident and assured that the knowledge and skills I had gained and developed would stand me in good stead at the interview.”

Successful Cambridge King’s College candidate for Human, Social & Political Sciences (2013)

Insight Education gives many aspiring young people the opportunity to fully understand what preparation is needed in order to succeed in an Oxbridge application. From choosing your course to interview practice. Without the help of Insight Education, I would not have been au fait with the application process at Oxbridge, especially with regards to the interview.”

Successful Oxford Wadham College candidate for Arabic and Islamic Studies (2013)

“Insight Education gave me invaluable advice whilst writing my personal statement and the mentoring sessions dispelled the myths around tutorials and interviews. Their constant reassurance and correspondence ensured I felt like I could succeed by the time my interview came around.”

Successful Oxford candidate for Physics (2013)

“Although I did not apply for Oxbridge, Insight Education was able to tailor their help to my needs. The initial personal statement guidance, which consisted of UCAS brainstorming, really helped to develop my strengths and translate them into my statement. By the time the actual interview came, I was no longer nervous because Insight Education helped me to develop my interview skills. So far I have two interviews thanks to Insight Education.”

Successful King’s College London and Newcastle and Manchester universities candidate for dentistry (2013)

“I would like to express my thanks to OMS for their guidance and support with my Oxford application. Although I was initially reluctant to participate in the scheme, I felt an immense improvement from my preliminary interview to the last session I had with my OMS tutor. The OMS ensured that I read widely around my subject and did all the things necessary to maximise my chances of a successful application. I would recommend it to anyone considering an Oxbridge application unreservedly.”

Successful Oxford New College candidate for Economics and Management (2013)

“Insight Education  played a key role in my Cambridge application success. They provided a simple framework which was helpful when writing my personal statement. Also the range of experienced mentors guided me through my interview preparation. I would like to thank in particular my mentor for her invaluable advice and support up to the very last minute before my interview”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Economics (2012)

“The Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme helped me to prepare thoroughly for the application process, from ensuring that I submitted an effective personal statement, to giving me a sense of confidence during my interviews. Most importantly, by putting me into contact with graduates in my chosen discipline, I was inspired to further my knowledge of my subject – regardless of the outcome of my application – and for this I can’t thank the team enough”.

Successful Oxford candidate for Classical Archaeology and History (2012)

“Insight Education’s mentoring scheme was a key and essential part of my Cambridge interview preparation. My mentoring sessions were central in giving me insight into what was expected from a candidate Cambridge historian. I enjoyed the discussions with my mentor which gave me the confidence to discuss my subject at my interviews. The support given throughout the scheme, from writing my personal statement to wider reading and interview preparation were vital to the outcome of my efforts. I definitely recommend the scheme to others. Thank you OMS for your help”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for History (2012)

“From recommending improvements to my personal statement and supporting me through tutorials and interview preparation sessions, the OMS helped me in every way possible. Insight Education provides one of the most supportive and helpful frameworks available, and effectively helped me obtain my offer”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Land Economy (2012)

“Applying to Oxbridge can be daunting but with the continuous, immeasurable support from OMS, the application process felt natural. The mentoring sessions with a graduate student in my subject were valuable in honing my interview skills and developing my problem-solving technique. From UCAS brainstorming to interviews, OMS was always willing to answer my questions and provide useful tips. I would recommend Insight Education to anyone thinking of applying to Oxbridge”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Natural Sciences – Physical (2012)

“The mock interviews were extremely useful preparation. At my actual interview I wasn’t nervous as I mostly knew what kind of questions were going to come up! Also, the OMS was able to identify my strong and weak points, so I knew specifically what I had to work on. Everyone was really helpful and friendly, and extremely efficient! I don’t think I could have got into Cambridge University to study Computer Science without OMS’ help! I would definitely recommend OMS to anyone applying to ANY university”!

Successful Cambridge candidate for Computer Science and Mathematics (2011)

“Insight Education organised a series of mock interviews which I found extremely helpful, giving me insight into my subject from different angles and illuminating my areas of weakness in the process. The interview preparation also gave me a fair understanding of what to expect from an Oxbridge tutorial, so I knew what to expect when I started at Oxford”.

Successful Oxford candidate for Art History (2011)

“Personal statement and the interview – the two most crucial parts for Oxbridge admissions – and OMS helped me significantly with both. My mentor helped me to write a stand out personal statement and gain the confidence and interview techniques to secure my place. The numerous mock interviews helped my progress and taught me to predict the various questions I could be asked. Overall, I am very thankful for the advice OMS has provided”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Mathematics (2011)

“The Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme introduced me to the teaching I’d later experience at Cambridge and allowed me to discover that I thrive in that environment. I really enjoyed tutorials with my fantastic mentor who made me feel that learning wasn’t a chore; rather it was a chance to explore the subject I loved. As a result, I was able to relax, enjoy my interview and show my enthusiasm. The learning from discussing my reading and essays with my mentor has served me well in my Cambridge studies and I am grateful to the OMS, which I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone thinking of applying to Oxbridge”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for English Literature (2010)

“From the start of the preparation process to the interview itself, OMS was invaluable. Their experience of the selection process and the support they provided via email and during meet-ups helped me to know what to expect and what Oxbridge expected of me”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic (2009)

“I think the integral part to passing the interview process is practice and that’s exactly where OMS helped me significantly. The mock interviews they arranged for me were great experience and helped me improved my interview technique, my knowledge around my subject and most of all they helped me gain my place at Oxford!”.

Successful Oxford candidate for Oriental Studies – Japanese (2009)

“Insight education was really helpful because I was given guidance for everything from reading to interview skills, and everyone was always really friendly and approachable. It set me apart from other candidates who had not received any help from their school, and because all the tutors had been through the experience themselves all the advice was relevant and made the a difference to my preparation”.

Successful Oxford candidate for Mathematics & Philosophy (2009)

“OMS provided a structure and motivation that my college didn’t have the time to give. After preparation through tutorials and mock interview practice, I was able to go into my interviews feeling calm and confident that I’d prepared as well as I could”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Politics, Psychology & Sociology (2009)

“I got an offer from Jesus College, Cambridge for medicine. They asked for A*AA in my sciences and B in English. I would like to thank Insight Education, especially Elfi, for all the help and support you have given me over this rather stressful time! It definitely helped my chances, and my sessions were also very interesting”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Medicine(2009)

“The Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme has helped me in so many ways I don’t know where to start. I can say that Insight Education helped me to assemble an effective and thorough plan for gaining entry into Cambridge University. Their guidance helped me to become a much better student and a much more organized, driven and committed person overall. Definitely worth trying”.

Successful Cambridge candidate for Land Economy (2009)

“The OMS scheme offered interview practice which proved beneficial as it offered me confidence to go into the interview. As I was made to sit mock interviews for practise, I was at ease and knew what to expect from the real thing. I was also offered advice in the form of suggested reading, lectures, TV documentaries and radio programmes. Through mock interview practice, I was made aware of areas for improvement”.

Successful Oxford candidate for English Language & Literature (2009)

“Insight Education did what it said on the can. Their Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme “educated” me – indeed gave me an insight – into what was expected from the perspective of an Oxford History candidate. The scheme helped me to identify areas of strength and weakness which I had to address to improve my interview performance.”

Successful Oxford candidate for History (2009)

“Insight education provided really valuable support for me during my Oxbridge application. The team were all dedicated and willing to answer all of my questions, helping me to see past stereotypes of the ‘terrifying interview’. My personal tutor was especially helpful; the discussions we had were really enjoyable but also demanding and enabled me to think more intellectually about my subject. Overall what OMS gave me was confidence, in my knowledge and ability of my subject and in my own capability of fitting in at Cambridge.”

Successful Cambridge candidate for English Literature (2008)

“Insight Education proposed a comprehensive programme of support under the Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme (OMS) for my daughter, which included personal statement preparation, subject tutoring and interview practice. The tutor was an ideal match for my daughter as he was both passionate about English Literature and also demanding in terms of the preparation work he set. The support made a huge difference to the quality of her personal statement. He also inspired my daughter and stretched her thinking so that she read more widely and became increasingly confident in dealing with unseen passages.”

Parent of successful Cambridge candidate for English Literature (2008)

“Applying for the second time, I knew this would be my last chance of gaining a place at Cambridge. As such, Insight Education was a valuable and integral piece of the puzzle which led to a successful outcome. Since I had left school, the company was an inspirational source of support and advice. The team provided exceptionally helpful preparation for my interviews and advice on college choice. I would wholeheartedly recommend Insight Education.”

Successful Cambridge candidate for Economics (2008)

“I just wanted to say thanks to you and your team at Insight Education for all the help you gave to our son. We are all thrilled with the result and very excited for him. Please pass on our thanks to all who helped him.”

Parent of successful Cambridge candidate for Economics (2008)

“The OMS gave me the whole “Oxbridge experience” which meant being interviewed by a stranger, in a new location and being put out of my comfort zone. I received constructive feedback from my mentors, which helped me see clearly which aspects I needed to particularly focus on. Although I had a mock interview at school, Insight Education gave me new ideas and helped widen my knowledge of the subject. I would like to thank Joyce Connell and my interviewers for their extremely valuable advice, as joining the Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme has been a rewarding experience.”

Successful Cambridge candidate for Organ Scholarship and Music (2008)

“I asked Insight Education to help my daughter prepare for Oxbridge academic interviews and organ scholarships, and Joyce Connell efficiently organised some mock interviews with subject experts and e-mentors who were previously organ scholars. After receiving assessment sheets and feedback from the interviewers, I was able to discover my daughter’s strengths and weaknesses, which addressed clearly what areas to improve. I would highly recommend the Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme to parents.”

Parent of successful Cambridge candidate for Music (2008)

“The Oxbridge Mentoring scheme was not only a great opportunity to learn about applying to Oxford, but also to build my self-confidence. Practising interview techniques really helped me learn to articulate my thoughts and express my opinions, which proved not only invaluable for the interview itself but also for studying at Oxford in general. The opportunity to learn about and discuss my subject gave me a taste of what Oxford’s academic life was about and was a truly invaluable experience. OMS really made the daunting prospect of applying to an Oxbridge university a lot more understandable”.

Successful Oxford candidate for Oriental Studies – Japanese (2007)