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Clients should register their interest in the registration web submit forms available on our website. On receipt of registration details and the registration questionnaire of the student(s) concerned, Insight Education will make contact to finalise and agree the OMS elements that the student(s) will undertake.

Booking and Payment

Student places for OMS elements may only be booked on receipt of payment for the service element(s) to be undertaken. Insight Education will send clients confirmation of future bookings on OMS elements once payment has been received.

Re-arranging Dates of Bookings

Clients may re-arrange dates of bookings subject to at least 48 hours prior notice of the original date and time of the booking and subject to the availability of OMS Advisors and Tutors.

Customer Satisfaction

If a student wishes to change the Advisor or Tutor from whom he/she is taking advice and guidance, Insight Education will investigate into the reasons and endeavour to find a suitable replacement if necessary.

Cancellation and Refund

Should for any reason, a student, teacher, parent wish to discontinue use of the OMS, cancellation should be made in writing by the person in whose name payment was received and at least 48 hours before the date of the next OMS service element. Written notification should be sent to:

If the prescribed period of notification is observed, Insight Education will refund all outstanding OMS elements for which advance payment has been made.

Students, teachers and parents who view the advice and guidance given by an OMS Advisor and Tutor to be unsatisfactory or inadequate should note that payment cannot be refunded for OMS elements that have already been undertaken. Please refer to our Legal Disclaimer under Legal Info on our Website. Clients may give feedback via the OMS Evaluation feedback form provided under our Feedback section of our website to help Insight Education to continuously make improvement to its services.


Complaints should be made in writing either by email to: or by post for the attention of:

Joyce Connell
Insight Education Limited
15 Benwick Court
SE20 7SS
United Kingdom

On receipt of written notification, Insight Education will address all complaints immediately.