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Welcome to Insight Education

Insight Education is an educational consultancy and career advancement service based in London that provides a roadmap into British schools, universities and international employment. We work with our international partners to provide a seamless service of support to students from around the world.

Our expertise is in demystifying Oxbridge admissions and helping students to maximise their chance of success. We aim to develop student confidence, independent study skills, critical thinking and self-reliance as the foundations for success at school, university and career.


How We Can Help

As part of our services, we run a highly successful Oxbridge Mentoring Scheme (OMS) which academically stretches students and maximises their chances of admissions into Oxford or Cambridge universities.

Through the OMS, students gain broader subject knowledge, an understanding of how to answer Oxbridge-style questions and the self-confidence to be prepared for any interview scenario. Our holistic approach includes encouraging subject-related reading and activities, advice on choosing courses and colleagues, improving interview technique, preparation for entrance tests (i.e. BMAT, UKCAT, LNAT, TSA, ELAT, HAT, PAT etc) and UCAS brainstorming and reviews.

The preparation is also invaluable for students competing for places at other top British universities, including the London School of Economics, King’s College London and Imperial College (Russell Group). In addition to mentoring for university entrance, our top class Oxbridge tutors also cover GCSE and A-level exam preparation.